ANTON was created for your business to flourish. He’s been saving the world since 2008, working on a variety of visual identity projects. He likes good and simple things.

He acts because the world is being flooded with a number of low-quality advertising campaigns and inconsiderate marketing. In effect, entrepreneurs create colorful signboards difficult to look at, which are colorless to their potential clients. This is exactly when ANTON comes in, saving businesses and adding real colors to them by creating a coherent visual identity.

The way your business is going to look like after accomplishing the mission is entirely up to you. You will find out which options determine highest chances for a final success, either in a form of the desired image or sales volumes of goods manufactured/services offered by your business.

ANTON is us

People who know what they are doing, and who really like it.

Regardless of your business branch, it is being influenced by the universal behaviors of consumers. Therefore, we will perform a detailed research of target groups and their needs, so we could then determine possible channels to reach them.


We always consider individual needs of your business. Seriously!

If you want us to work in a different time zone, we will work overnight. If you hate working remotely, we will simply jump on a plane and fly over to finish the project.

Nevertheless, we will do our job with only minimal support on key projects from your side. As an entrepreneur, you are most likely a very busy person, so we will try to convince you to trust us and delegate tasks with no fear that the world may collapse. After all, you are commissioning marketing to superheroes.

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Go to our offer and see what our area of expertise is. Remember that, regardless of the scope of your order, whether it is an entire campaign or only a business card, we will take good care of it and make sure that the mission is completed perfectly.

You are probably wondering if we run in tights after hours and save the world? Chill out, we are quite normal people. When we don’t save the businesses from low quality graphics, we build beautiful classic young timers and travel the world with low cost airlines and hand-luggage. Okay, we sometimes play heroes – when our kids ask for it.